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What are Backlinks?

The backlinks in simply a hyperlink or mentions that is pointed to your website from other blogs or webpages which is also the core idea off-page SEO. This means that the more backlinks you get from the other websites, the better your ranking is.

There are many facts associated with backlinks which include quality backlinks and spammy backlinks. (e.g) If you have a blog or website that is focused on a specific niche and you get links from blogs or websites working in the same niche is actually a good example of quality backlinks. However, if the relevancy is compromised, your blog falls under the spammy category which results in a loss of rankings. That's how the search engines work with SEO and it's recommended to prioritize links quality over quantity to get the most out of your off-page optimization. 

What are the types of backlinks?

There are many types of backlinks that I am about to mention and a mixture of them in a proper way can actually do miracles for your blogs or web pages. Some of them are no-follow and some are do-follow and I am going to define both of these terms later in this post to help you understand what it's all about. 

Contextual backlinks

I'll keep the contextual backlinks in the first spot because these actually the links that can help you the most. A contextual backlink is actually a text link in a paragraph of content that you receive from other web pages to improve your appearance in SERPs for traffic gain. They can either be do-follow or no-follow depending on the webmasters of other blogs to allow the type of hyperlinks on their pages. One quality contextual link can pass more SEO juice as compared to the 1000 backlinks you get from low-quality sites. That's why it's highly recommended to go for the right choices whenever you start optimizing your off-page domain because the goal is to go hard on traffic. 

A good example of a Contextual backlink: Free backlinks checker

Comment Backlinks

The links that your web page receives from the comments on other blogs are actually defined as comment backlinks. Most of these links are tagged as nofollow to reduce the spamming on their property and only a few are allowing comments with do-follow tags. Comment links play a crucial role in your off-page strategy because, alongside the paragraph links, they can push your SEO a bit further to squeeze out some extra juice for better rankings. 

Image Backlinks

The inbound links from images to your own website are actually image backlinks where your URL is embedded inside an image to pass on the SEO juice. When such links combine with others, they make your backlinks profile stronger than ever and yes, they are mostly no-follow. This means, they can add up to your off-page but again they will ignite your SEO juice on their own, they are not as powerful as proper contextual links.

Generate Quality Backlinks to your Website in just one click

With Hypeseotools backlinks maker, making quality links is no big deal now because all you need to do is pick your site's URL, paste it inside our free backlinks generator tool, and within a matter of seconds, you'll have the quality links from the most authoritative websites out there. The way your workload is minimized to almost zero and at the same time, you have now the juicy links in your off-page profile.

Why You must use our backlinks maker?

Our backlinks generator gives you many reasons not to be ignored and I am going to mention them. You don't have to work with different SEO agencies to build backlinks for you You save tons of money by using our free backlinks maker You get the authoritative links pointing to your web pages Easy to use and 2 simple steps use is only a matter of seconds job to build links Completely secure and free from all types of viruses.

How to use our Free Backlinks Generator?

There's no rocket science involved in using our backlinks maker but rather, it's a few steps process to make your way out toward gaining the best backlinks.

  • First copy the URL of your website that you wish to build links for. 
  • Paste it in our free backlinks generator 
  • Press the "Submit" button and wait for a minute or two.
  • The success status for each website is the indication that your backlink is created.


What are Do-follow and No-follow links?

A no-follow backlink is actually a hyperlink that is tagged with the Nofollow attribute which can be identified as rel= "nofollow" and a do follow backlink is free from such attribute. It's kind of a computer way of telling google spiders how to treat the hyperlinks because a no-follow link is a type of backlink that can not pass any SEO juice. However, the do-follow links are powerful enough to rank a web page in a matter of a few weeks. Yet, as per my experiences with the off-page SEO, the zero SEO juice pass with no-follow backlinks is a myth because I have experienced its potential and I encourage you to use them also. 

Big Benefit of This 100% Free Backlinks Maker

Every day, bloggers or webmasters sweat bullets to find the websites that can actually give them do-follow backlinks which is kind of a hectic job. That's where our free backlinks generator comes into play where every single backlink made by it is dofollow and passes on a huge SEO juice to rank your blog or website.